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About DBZ
     Dragon BallZ starts as Goku, a powerful Super-Saiyan sent to earth to destroy it. Goku forgets his purpose, when by accident hebumps his head and becomes Earth's defender. The episodes begin with Goku's brother Raditz arrives to finish Goku's job.
    Goku defeats Radiz with the help of Gohan, a powerful Super-Saiyan with hiden powers, and Piccolo, once Goku's enemy.Goku defeats Radiz with Piccolo by holding Radiz from behind while Piccolo shoots his special beam cannon at Goku and Radiz, sending Goku and Radiz to the next dimension. In the next dimension Goku is trained by king Kei and learns many attacks such as the Khayo-Khan attack. Meanwhile Napa and Vegeta arrives on earth to collect the Dragon Balls for Freeza for immortality, he plans to wish immortality for himself, but they are stoped by the earth defenders( Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Chawsu, Kirlin ) and try to hold Napa and Vegeta back untill Goku arrives . When Goku finishes his training with king Kei, he is whished back by the Bragon Balls to his dimension. When Goku arrives, he and Napa begins to fight. When Goku defeated Napa, Vegeta ashamed of Napa killed him.Goku and Vegeta begin to fight. Vegeta relizes that he can not  beat Goku so he transforms into this aplike creature(about 40 feet high)  and begins beating Goku. Goku is saved by Kurilin and Gohan and Vegeta distracted looking for them gets his tail cut off by Jajeroby, and Vegeta begins to shrink to his normal size. While Goku tells Gohan to look at the ball of energy that Vegeta created to transform, Gohan begins his transformation, finds Vegeta, and begins to beat him. Vegeta cuts Gohan's tail with one of his special attacks and is not able to get out of the way when Gohan is transforming aback to his normal self and falls on top of Vegeta. Vegeta gets out his remote control for his ship and leaves the earth in pain after Kirilin lets him go because Goku dint want Vegeta to die. After the fight 3 of Goku's friend died, the Earth dragon balls were gone since Piccolo and Kamy( earth's guardian) die, so Kirilin and Gohan relize that there are more balls on Piccol's home planet Namek. Bulma finds a ship that kami brought to earth when he came from Namek and Goku telepathicali talks to king Kei about the location of Namek and tells Bulma. Krilin, Gohan, and Bulma travel in that ship to planet Namek. They arrive on a fake planet full of illusions created by some space alliens that were traped there when their ship wrecked. Thinking that the planet is Namek they land there. Then they meet two Nameks ( The 2 alliens playing an illusion on them ) and tell them about the Dragon Balls that they were looking for but they were triked and when Kurilin and Gohan find out the beat the mess out of the 2 alliens and set off to the real planet Namek, where they have to fight Freeza and others.