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About GW

     The year is AC 195 ( After colony 195 ) in earth's far future. Humans leave earth to begin a new life in space colonies, but a powerful military called the United Earth Sphere Alliance rules the colonies with great power. The five Gundams pilots are the only hope for the colonies. But the United Earth Sphere Alliance is quickly taken over by a secret organization called OZ lead by Traize Khushrenada and other members like Zechs Merchise.

What is a Gundam?
     Advanced mobile suits Known as Gundams are tough mobile suits because or their armor know as Gundanium alloid, light weighted and the ability to resist powerful missiles.
Gundams have the ability to fight under water, land, air, and space. The Gundam pilots are very advance young fighters, they will kill anyone that stands on their way to complete their mission( Project meteor ). The five Gundam Pilots names are Heero Yuy, Trowa Barton, Duo Maxwell, Quatre Rabera Winner , and Chang Wu Fei.