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Dbz episodes                                <back to Dragon BallZ>
1.The Arrival Of Raditz
Radits arrives on Earth and finds Goku, he takes his son Gohan and reads a power level of 720 that no Saiyan has had before at that age

2. The World's Strongest Team

 Goku and Piccolo decedice to join teams and now the world strongest team on earth have joined forces.

3. Gohan's Hidden Powers

Radits and Goku get killed by Piccolo's special beam cannon, so Goku could go to the other dimension and train under king Keiy's technique such Kayo kan attack

4. Goku's Unusual Journey

Gohan starts his training with Piccolo and Goku starts his journey to King
Keiy's on snake way( a road that is 10000 miles long with curves )

5. Gohan's Metamorphosis

Gohan transforms into a large monkey and becomes uncontrolable and Piccolo destroys the earth's moon so Gohon would transform back to a child, Piccolo pulls Gohon's tail out so he would not transform again.

6. Gohan Makes A Friend

    Gohan becomes friends with a large dinosaur

7. Trouble On Arlia
     Napa and Vegeta get captured by the Arlians and Napa and Vegeta act like they are weak. The Arlians took Napa and Vegeta to their prison and then the two Saiyans break out( Napa and Vegeta) and destroy most of the Arlians and then the two Saiyans destroy the planet.

8. Home For Infinite Losers
    Goku falls of Snake way.

9. Princess Snake's Hospitality

    Goku stops at a large home, but little does he know that he is for dinner

10. Escape From Piccolo
11. Showdown In The Past

      The Earth warriors train in a time controlled room, and their minds travel to Planet Vegeta to fight some Saiyans and get the idea of how the two Saiyans that were coming to earth were powerfull

12 The End Of Snake Way

----Goku finally comes to the end of the path to King Keiy's

13. A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles

      Goku's firts lesson at King Keiy's is to Catch Bubbles a monkey. Goku finds it easy but it took him 3 weeks.

14. The Legend Of The Saiyans
       King Keiy tell Goku about the Saiyans and that he is part of one.

15. Black Day For The Planet Earth          
The two evil Saiyans land on Earth

16. The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You?

----The Saiyans send out troops that they brought from their planet.

17. The Saibamen Strike

----The  Saibamen begin the attack

18. Nappa... The Invincible?

----The evil Saiyan Nappa begins to fight

19. Tien Goes All Out!

----Tein uses his last bit of energy to destroy Nappa and fails.

20. Time's Up!!

      Vegeta heard that Goku will come to save the earth and gave 3 hours for him to get back and when Goku was on his way Vegeta used his scouter and read a power level of 5000 and he decided that he could not join forces with Gohon, Picolo, and Kurlin so he tells Napa to destroy them.

21. The Return Of Goku

----Goku makes it to Earth and he fells a strong force and heads that way

22. Goku Strikes Back

----Goku defeats Nappa, and Vegeta disapointed at him kills him

23. Goku Vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Dual

----The fight between Vegeta and Goku begins

24. Vegeta... Saiyan Style

----Vegeta transforms into an ape like monster and begins beating Goku

25. Stop Vegeta Now!!

----Gohan and Krillin save Goku's life

26. Battle's End

----Vegeta leaves Earth in pain

27. A New Goal... Namek

----The Earth warriors learn that there are dragon balls on Namek

28. Journey To Namek

----The Earth people begin the trip to Namek

29. Friends Or Foes?

----The Dragon Ball heroes are captured by a group of space alliens

30. Hunt For A Dragon Ball

31. Who's Who?

32. Touchdown On Namek

----the Earth warriors reach the real Namek.

33. Face Off On Namek

34. The Ruthless Frieza

35. The Nameks Versus Frieza

36. Escape From Dodoria

37. Secrets Revealed

38. A Collision Course

39. Stay Away From Frieza

40. Zarbon Transformed

      Zarbon transforms into "Super Zarbon" and beats Vegeta up

41. The Eldest Namek

      Krillin reaches the Eldest Namek who makes him stronger

42. Get Vegeta!

43. Vegeta Revived

      Vegeta gets back his strength after loosing to Zarbon and later he steals friezas Dragon Balls

44. A Heavy Burden

45. Immortality Denied

46. Big Trouble For Bulma
      Bulm goes through alot of trouble when one of the dragon ball fall to the water.

47. Scramble For The Dragon Balls!

48. Arrival Of The Ginyu Force

5 membert of the Gynyu Force
 The powerful Ginyu Force reach Namek

49. Elite Fighters Of The Universe... The Ginyu Force

----The Ginyu Force get all of the Dragon Balls

50. Time Tricks And Body Binds

----Gildo the time freeze member of the Ginyu, takes on the two Earth warriors

51. No Refuge From Recoome

----One of the strongest members of the Ginyu takes on Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan

52. Enter Goku

----Goku arrives on Namek and saves the three beaten warriors

53. Goku... Super Saiyan?

----Vegeta realizes that Goku is the legendery Super Saiyan

54. Ginyu Assault

----Jeice and Burter take on the new Goku

55. Incredible Force!

An enraged Captain Ginyu goes after the powerful Goku

56. Frieza Approaches

----The mighty Frieza arrives at Guru's to find Nail blocking his way

57. Goku is Ginyu & Ginyu is Goku

----Ginyu uses his body swap after he injures himself and leaves Goku hanging

58. Calling the Eternal Dragon

----Gohan and Krillin find the DragonBalls but Ginyu shows up in Goku's body

59. Gohan defeat your dad

----Gohan and Krillin take on Ginyu and Goku arrives

60. Ginyu... The Frog

----Ginyu trys to take Vegeta's body but his plan is foiled when Goku throws a
frog in the way

61. Password is Porunga

----Dende arrives to give the earthlings the password and they wish Piccolo back

62. Piccolo's Return

----Piccolo gets back and merges with Nail to become even stronger.

63. The Fusion

----After fusion Piccolo takes on Frieza

64. Fighting Power: One Million??

      The rumor that Frieza can have a fighting power of One Million is true

65. Gohan Attacks

----Krillin almost dies but Dende heals him while Gohan takes on Frieza

66. Piccolo the Super-Namek

----Piccolo takes the upper hand on Frieza but then Frieza transforms

67. Deja Vu

----Piccolo takes upper hand again then Frieza transfroms a second time

68. Frieza's Second Transformation

----They all attack Frieza but are no match and Gohan inspires Vegeta

69. Another Transformation?

----Vegeta takes on Frieza and kicks his butt then he transforms a 3rd time and
noone can touch him

70. Dende's Demise

----Because of Dende the battle has lasted a long time so Frieza kills him

71. The Renewed Goku

----Goku is healed and rushes to the battle scene

72. The End of Vegeta

----Frieza finishes off Vegeta and he tells Goku of his heritage

73. The Ultimate Battle

 ----Frieza and Goku start their battle

74. Clash of the Super Powers

----Frieza and Goku continue the battle and its a tuffy

75. Frieza's Boast

----Frieza tries to beat Goku with his hands behind his back but it does not work.

76. Bold and Fearless

----Captain Ginyu comes back in Bulma's body

77. Embodiment of Fire

----Goku is in trouble when Frieza reveals he was using only 1% of his power

78. Trump Card

----After a beating Goku starts his spirit bomb behind Frieza's back

79. Keep the Chance Alive

----Frieza realizes the spirit bomb and almost finishes Goku off but Piccolo
kicks him in the head

80. Power of the Spirit

----Goku uses the spirit bomb

81. Transformed at last ----After Frieza finishes off Krillin Goku gets pissed
and goes Super Saiyan

82. Explosion of Anger

----Goku starts beating the crap out of Frieza

83. Namek's Destruction

----Realizing that Goku is too strong, in a last attempt to destroy Goku, Frieza
attacks the planet.

84. A Final Attack

----Frieza powers up to 100%. Its a hand full for Goku.

85. Approaching Destruction

----Frieza fights Goku as the Earth Balls are collected to make a wish.

86. Gohan Returns

----Gohan returns to fight frieza while Goku is occupied.

87. The Last Wish

----The Earth Balls revive everyone that has been killed by Frieza allowing the
last wish to be made on Namek.