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Episodes(Working on it)
1. The shooting star she saw.

----The five gundams head to Earth. Zechs Merchise( Miliardo Peacecraft) picks up the closest Gundam heading to earth, he tries to stop the Gundam(Gundam Wing 0) but it turns from a plane to a mobile suit, 2 of Zechs men were killed trying to stop the Gundam from reaching earth, Zechs gets his mobile suit and holds the Gundam tight  and escapes before crashing on the sea.

2. The Gundam Deathscythe.

----Heero trying to kill Relena gets Injured by Duo( The pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe) who tries to protect Relina.

3. Episode missing E-mail me if you have

----Duo helps heero escape from a hospital where he is captured in.

4. The victorian nightmare.

6. episode missing , sorry

7. episode missing, sorry again

8. The Treize Assassination
---- The Gundams plan revenge, because Treize led them into a trap, but Wu Fei fails to kill Traize in a sword fight between Traze and Wu Fey, latter on almost the last episode Wu Fei would kill Treize with his mobile suit.

9. Portrait of the Ruined Country
----Zechs flyes the Tallgees for the first timne and is injured by the speed of the Tallgees.

10. Heero, Distracted by defeat

----Heero self-detinates his Gundam before handing it over to OZ.

11. The Whereabouts of Happiness

----The two Gundam Pilots, Duo M. and Quatre R W are forced to leave Quatre's country because of OZ's plan to destroy the Gundams.

12. Bewildered Warriors.

----OZ declares that Heero is dead, but they do not know that Trowa is taking care of him

13. Catherine tears.
----Trowa's decide to suicide is stoped by Catherine tears.


15. To the battle ground Antartica.
----Zechs chalenges heero for a fight in mobile suits.

16. The sorrofull battle

17. Betrayed by home away.
----Quattre decides to encorage the othe Gundams to head for space to stop OZ.