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If you like Pokemon, Dragon BallZ , and Gundam Wing you found the place it's all here.                                             


1.Date: 08/07/00
     We are very exited because today was the first update of our web site. We are working hard to make this site better. The content of this site will be mainly about our favorite cartoon shows. Enjoy this site, please check back soon by adding this site to your favorites( Ctrl+D )

2. Date: 08/08/00
     Hi, today I made 2 updates on my web site the first one is the Age of Empires clan page, Age of Empires clan page is about joining my clan or group to play other people over the internet( Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone ) Where my name on the Internet Gaming Zone is DBZ_Captain1and if you join my clan your name would be DBZ_XXXXX replacing your name on the xxxxx spot. Click here to go to the DBZ Clan now. The second update is the Support Us page which is important to help us keep serving you better, the only thing I have for the moment is alladvantage, when you become an alladvantage member with my member ID otk176, you will help me out because it will count as one referral and alladvantage will pay me $.10 for the referral I made you get paid for surfing the web $.50( per hour) , but don't forget to download the view bar when you become a member. Go to the Support Us page now by clicking here and become a alladvantage member today and start earning CA$H. More info will be given at the alladvantage sing up page, thanks I'll try to update this site as soon as I can.

3. 08/12/00
     Hi, today I made an update to the DBZ Clan Page, Which are only for people Who Own Microsoft Age of Empires. For my next update I'll try to add more pictures to DBZ Gallery, Pokemon Gallery , and Gundam Wing Gallery .

4. 09/29/00
     Hi wow! Its been like a month after the last update, sorry school is to blame for this. Today I made an update on the clan page, it really looks better now . The second update was the home page which was messed up, the problem was that every thing was linked to the home page, so you had to click twice where you wanted to go but that's fixed now.

5. 12/26/00
      New changes have been made to the DBZ Gallery. We just added a new gallery on the DBZ page, to visit DBZ Gallery 2, click here. A new clan was formed on the Age of Empires clan page, click here to visit the new clan, IDC. Last update was the Search Page, which we added search engine, click here to go to the Search Page.

6. 01/07/01
      Today's update took about a week to do, you might of noticed that if you visit this page often. We made allot of updates, probably to every page, so just take a look around. Our site size= 10.3 MB ( 10,902,528 bytes)

7. 01/25/01
      Hi! We've just added a chat room to our site, it is currently running on tripod, but we are going to be adding new ones, so visit often.

8. 05/28/01

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